Many things can happen in the golf swing. The whole movement alone can seem very fast to the naked eye, where it only takes less than two seconds from the start to finish. Before, everyone was led to believe that the golfer should adopt swing keys similar to the top players in order to improve his or her swing. While this is still true, not all positive traits apply to everyone. How can one swing like Tiger Woods if he or she is not built like him?

That’s why I learned Bioswing Dynamics. It’s to custom tailor fit the golfer’s swing to the way he or she is built to swing. Together with my TPI Certification, which helps evaluate any physical limitations, I am geared to give the golfer solutions to his or her game that are neither guessed nor invented.

In this age of fast changing technology, golf instructors are taking advantage of tools as an “extra set of eyes” to aid in improving the golfer’s swing and performance. I am no different. I use two sets of equipment to help me in analyzing and improving your game.

The S2M force plates help me tell how the lower body is moving throughout the golf swing. It is basically two plates the golfer steps on which connects to an IOS app and shows everything from foot pressure traces to vertical force applied to the ground.


The Ernest Sports ES16 launch monitor helps me see the flight of the ball, as well as what the club face is doing at the moment of impact.

Everything is covered and measured. All you need to do is book a lesson and show up!

Improve Your Game


"Take The Guessing Out Of The Game"